Dental Bridges
Fixed Bridge

A bridge is used to replace missing teeth. It consists of both a false tooth, called a pontic, and the anchors (abutment crowns) that support the pontic. Bridges can replace one tooth as well as multiple teeth. They are made to look and function like your normal teeth.

For a bridge to fit correctly, the teeth on the opposite sides of the empty space must be prepped. Depending on the teeth being prepped and their location, sometimes multiple teeth next to each other will be prepped do provide maximum strength.

A bridge cannot be placed if there are several missing teeth in the same area unless you have an implant. The implant can be ised to connect the bridge to the natural tooth and give back multiple teeth. If a tooth was recently extracted and a bridge is to be placed, you may need to wear a fixed temporary bridge until the extraction site has completely healed. If the permanent fixed bridge is seated too soon, there may be a noticeable space between the pntic and the gums allowing food to collect.

Fixed bridges require the same cleaning and maintenance as your other teeth except when flossing. A special threader is used to get the floss under your bridge and can be purchased from most drug stores. Cleaning this area is very important and a major factor for the life of your bridge and surrounding teeth.

Fixed Bridge Procedure
These are the required steps for most bridge procedures:
  • The surrounding teeth are prepped
  • Your gums are gently retracted to ensure crown fits properly
  • Your shade is recorded. You are encouraged to help with this process
  • An impression and bite record is taken and sent to the lab for bridge fabrication
  • A temporary bridge is fabricated in-office
  • The permanent bridge is adjusted, if necessary, and seated
    It is strongly advised to wait 48 hours before eating anything sticky or chewy to allow the adhesive to fully cure
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