Full Arch Dentures

At times, it is necessary for all teeth to be removed due to extensive periodontal disease and/or decay. One of the most used and least expensive options to replacing all of your teeth is a complete upper and/or lower denture. These dentures require support from your gums, palate, and the bone ridge your teeth were once in. Some people find for the best retention adhesive is required. After receiving a new denture from Dickinson Dental, if it is loose it may be due to weight loss, medicines, or not removing it while you sleep.

Don't Like Adhesives?

There are three widely used denture adhesives: powder, paste, and pads. If you are not a fan of adhesives but want the best retention, ask about Overdentures or Ultra Suction. Overdentures do not solely rely on your palate or bone ridge for retention. Instead, implants are placed in the palate bone and small "BB" like attachments connect to the implants. Your denture is made with divots that these attachments fit into giving you amazing retention.

Ultra Suction are two one-way valves that are built into opposite sides of your denture and allow you to form an extra ridge for retention. It takes a couple of weeks for the ridge to form and it is strongly recommended that you do not wear adhesive during this time.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth and have clasp that use neighboring teeth for retention. When possible, partials are a great alternative to complete dentures because of the additional support they offer. It is very important for people with partials to take care of their remaining teeth, especially the ones the partial hooks to. If oral hygiene is a concern due to medicines, cancer treatment, diseases (such as severe cases of acid reflux), lack of care for teeth, etc. then partial dentures may not be your best option.

Denture Instructions
Denture Instructions

Occasionally, it is difficult to adapt to full or partial dentures. At first they may feel loose, bulky and awkward while speaking. For a quicker adjustment period, follow these instructions:

1) At first, wear your dentures all the time.
2) Do not use adhesive unless Dr. Elliott advises you to do so.
3) You should remove your dentures when you go to sleep.
4) After removing dentures, clean with a toothbrush and place in a bowl of water. They can be soaked in a commercial denture cleanser, but brushing them is essential.
5) Any signs of "sore spots," discomfort, or looseness that is causing you difficulty should be brought to our attention.

Never adjust the dentures yourself. Every person and every mouth is different; therefore, adjustment periods will vary.

Please remember that it will take time for you to become completely comfortable with your new teeth.

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